No. 172: Björk, dumb roofs and goodbye to the Piltdown Man

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Today is Nov. 21: On which we remember the Piltdown Man, heralded as the 500,000-year-old “missing link” between apes and humans. Discovered in 1912 by a British lawyer and amateur paleontologist named Charles Dawson, the fossilized remains featured a skull with both human and simian qualities, including teeth that appeared to be a mix of both.

With good reason: The skull was a fake the fame-hungry Dawson had pieced together using parts from an orangutan and as many as three humans, many of the bones dyed with iron and acid to look older. None were more than 720 years old. Some of the teeth had been filed down and were actually held in place with dental putty, had anyone looked closely.

No matter. London’s Geological Society clung to the idea that modern man had been British. And it took four decades and improved carbon dating methods before scientists finally declared – on this day in 1953 – that the Piltdown Man was a hoax “so entirely unscrupulous and inexplicable as to find no parallel in the history of paleontological discovery.”

The moral, still worth repeating: Be careful when you see exactly what you expect to see.

That, of course, goes way beyond science.

Happy birthday: Björk and Voltaire. And Goldie Hawn. And Anya Kominicki.

Coming up fives: A week after it closed on a $5 million investment, Applied DNA is doing big business with the Pentagon.

Making rounds: Big doings for the back and spine at Northwell Health.

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Good news, Buffalo: Financier James Chanos called it “absurd” and “ridiculous” right up to the last vote was tallied, but in the end, shareholders decided they liked a SolarCity-Tesla merger.

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