No. 179: Reed Phillips, Apollo’s end and Faulkner’s toddy curative

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The final Apollo mission returned to Earth on this day in 1972, setting up one of the great bar trivia questions of all time: How many Americans landed on the moon? Answer below.

But first, this: We’ve been sifting through the fine print of Long Island’s $62 million award from the state’s annual economic development sweepstakes, looking for anything vaguely connected to the life sciences.

Biotech, you’ll remember, was the market sector on which our region was going to hang its hat, building on the prowess of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, the Feinstein Center at Northwell Health and the Biotechnology Center at Stony Brook University.

Not to mention SBU’s own life sciences chops and new initiatives percolating at Hofstra and NYIT and Farmingdale State College and via the gaggle of OSI and Forest Labs alums roaming around out there.

So surprise, and disappointment, that this year’s award is short on biotech and long-suited in things like tourism, watershed restoration and “lean” employee training – including almost $100,000 for a plumbing company.

All worthy projects, perhaps, but the process is beginning to look suspiciously like what used to be called “member money” and the wild days when the Legislature never met a pet project it wasn’t willing to fund, willy-nilly and without any thought to a big picture.

The big picture, just to remind, is biotech. Focusing $62 million on it would be a very big thing.

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Great Neck investment banker Jonathan Gilbert, also a partner in Precision Nutrition among other things, is looking into the potential positive effects of cannabis on concussions. Could be big business.

A Norwegian energy company has agreed to pay a record $42 million for the right to maybe one day, who knows, fishermen willing, build wind turbines on 80,000 acres off Jones Beach.

Reed Phillips and Stony Brook-based energy startup Energystics continue to make waves.

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Of the cloth: Applied DNA’s MeiLin Wan stars in a BBC radio feature on how consumers can avoid products, including linens, made with child labor. Find her at the 7:22 mark here.

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The gift that didn’t: Comptroller Tom DiNapoli wants to remind you that the state collected almost $11 million from unused gift cards last year. That’s a tiny part of the $14.5 billion in unclaimed funds DiNapoli has control of, but still.

Bronx is up, battery’s down: Growing congestion at Tesla recharge stations has forced the company to institute a 40 cents per minute idling charge if your car stays plugged in more than five minutes after a battery fill up.

Be the life of the potty: The Brondell Swash smart toilet seat and bidet eliminates the need for toilet paper. Heated and with remote control. Raised $128,000 on a goal of $30K with two days to go.

Baby it’s cold outside: William Faulkner had a cure-all hot toddy recipe.  (Although it didn’t work for thrombosis. As he discovered.)

Moon shot: The first mission to set down on the lunar surface was Apollo 11, the last was 17. Two astronauts landed each time. That should be 14. But Apollo 13 never made it. (Which is why it’s 12. And such a great bar bet.)

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