No. 198: Pi Day, a med pot RIP and Date Night in a box

TGIT: A great Tuesday, everybody and hope you’re working from home. Or, better yet, at home and not working. It will allow time to make French toast with all the bread, eggs and milk.

Happy Pi Day, 3-14, which doubles as Einstein’s birthday.

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Philadelphia inventor Samuel Mullikin became the nation’s first multiple patent holder in 1791, with awards for a grain thrashing machine, a hemp spinner and a stone cutter and polisher.

The top individual patent holder in the world is now Australian Kia Silverbrook, with 4,677. (American Lowell Wood is third with 1,419. Edison is ninth.)


It’s SRO at the Digital Ballpark as the LISTnet-run coworking space scrambles to add more seats.

The Feinstein Institute and United Therapeutics have signed a deal to commercialize bioelectronics research together.

Nature’s Bounty doubles down on Long Island thanks to a $35 million state package.

In craft brewing, tapping the power of women.

17 years in, eVero has developed a long-term view of health care.

Never a tents moment at SBU’s innovation boot camp.

Isle be there: Two European companies have submitted unsolicited bids to build wind farms off Fire Island and Martha’s Vineyard. Because two companies are bidding, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management can effectively skip the step in which it would normally gauge competitive interest in the targeted areas.

(Although that will not significantly shorten the years-long approval process. Or protests.)

Spring nowhere: Efforts to alter time zones pop up around the country like spring tulips every year, and rarely get very far, the NYT reports. But some in New England are trying a different tack this time.

No GRE required: Adelphi if offering an online master’s degree in health informatics, one of health care’s fastest growing fields and salaries in the $70K to $170K range.

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NYC’s RealConnex, a B2B platform for real estate developers to access capital sources, has landed $3.5 million in a round led by Silver Portal Capital.

Fairygodboss, a NYC platform for hiring and retaining female employees, also offering job ratings and career advice, hauled in $1 million from William Greenblatt.

New York’s Simplifeye, which offers wearables to speed up information transfer in doctors’ offices, received $3 million from a group led by SoftTech.

Now legal in NY DraftKings, the online fantasy sport betting platform, hauled in $100 million in an E-1 round led by Eldridge Industries.

OKC-based Datebox, which claims to make Date Night “fun and easy” via subscription boxes, landed $2.6 million from Oklahoma Seed Capital and SeedStep Angels.


Fund times: How to finance your invention or startup, Suffolk Inventors and Entrepreneurs Club, Tuesday, March 21, 7 p.m., H. Lee Dennison Building in Hauppauge, free but bring an ID to the East entrance.

Work, the final frontier: eGifter has more than a dozen openings for everything from growth hacking to SaaS platform sales. Direct a millennial you know here.

Sweet: San Fran’s Virta Health has launched a diabetes platform that offers personalized nutrition, glucose monitoring and counseling. In clinical trials, 56 percent of Type 2 patients were able to lower their blood sugar to non-diabetic ranges.

Founded by Trulia co-founder Sami Inkinena and a team of doctors, scientists and technologists from Stanford, MIT and Harvard and backed by $37 million from big name investors.

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If Buffalo declares something dead, it must be: The Buffalo News has written an obit on the state’s marijuana program, noting it expected 200,000 patients but got 14,000, half of whom never came back because of cost, travel distance to dispensaries or death from the condition they had hoped to relieve.

Lettuce eat more greens: Only one in 10 Americans eats the prescribed daily amount of fruits and vegetables. So why isn’t Washington doing something about that?

More jobs lost: CaliBurger plans to field Miso Robotics’ hamburger-turning machine called Flippy. (It also adds cheese and plates.)

Kinda related: This one folds laundry.

The trend: Millennials buy more clothes on Amazon than anywhere else.

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Compiled by John Kominicki. Thanks for reading this far.