No. 227: Gail Simmons, Jim Simons and we somehow missed the most expensive housing list

Jim and Marilyn Simons: Harlem reads.

It’s Wednesday: A happy midweek, everybody, and welcome new readers Tutty, Alice, Serge, Pete and Lillian.

Jolly Green Giant Great Big Tender Peas were trademarked on this day in 1927. Zeppo Marx – the unfunny one – received a patent for a cardiac pulse rate monitor.

Reading? Check: Long Island billionaire Jim Simons and his wife Marilyn have donated $25 million to the New York Public Library, one of the institution’s largest-ever gifts. The money is targeted for sprucing up branches in Harlem.

Drink smartly, my friends: Innovator of the Year winner Michael Chalavoutis has reformulated and rebranded Alpha Wolf, his brain-boosting energy drink, with a new exclusive focus on natural ingredients, the end of two “traditional” flavors and a new “exotic” blend.

Carol Lane calling: The Long Island Capital Alliance is looking for presenters for its next healthcare pitch-athon, set for Sept. 27.

Sweet: Indiana’s Knapp Foundation has gifted $1 million to fund Feinstein Center research into how bioelectronics can be used to treat diabetes.

Size matters: Big things are going on with Tiny Houses.

Right the wrong: If you missed Monday’s calendar, click here.

Oh and: Girls Inc.’s annual Butterfly Awards honor four incredible Long Islanders, including Hofstra’s incomparable Gail Simmons, not until Nov. 2, but get it in your book now. Too many awesome committee names to drop but … what the heck … Pina Campagna is one of them.

Please par-tay responsibly: Riverhead’s second annual Alive on 25 street festival kicks off Thursday night. Music, food and beverages, including Innovator of the Year-winning Moustache Brewing suds. Mmm.

Good to know: Tesla is building one of its largest supercharging stations – big enough for 20 cars – next to Dick’s Sporting Goods and Dave and Buster’s at the Crossgates Mall in Guilderland.

Not related: Panasonic, which is partnering with Tesla at the coming-soon Buffalo Billion solar panel factory, plans three job fairs to find the 300 workers it needs to launch.

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All about U: Stony Brook, Molloy and Adelphi made Money Magazine’s best colleges for the buck list. (Sponsoring Innovate Long Island, sadly, was not a criterion. But they could fix that so easily.)

A few words from our sponsor: Farmingdale State College is New York’s largest public college of applied science and technology, and a national pioneer in environment sustainability. With almost 9,000 students, Farmingdale boasts Long Island’s second-largest undergraduate enrollment among four-year institutions and offers rigorous academic programs in business, engineering technology, and the health sciences. Learn more here.

ICYMI: Zillow is offering a $1 million prize to the someone who can improve the algorithm that Zestimates home prices on the site.

You get what you pay for: A new report puts Rochester and Buffalo at the top of the list of most affordable housing markets in the United States. Cincinnati, Cleveland, Pittsburgh and OKC follow.

Other end of the spectrum: Same report says the most expensive housing markets in the world are Hong Kong, Sydney, Vancouver, Auckland, San Jose, Melbourne, Honolulu, LA, San Fran and Dorset, England.

Enough already: The top eight U.S. tech companies have formed an alliance to snuff out patent trolls.

Happy trails: Virginia-based Equissage teaches equine massage therapy to administer to jumpy race horses and other steeds. Dog massage training also available.

Sorry, Siri: DARPA has awarded $65 million to six university teams to develop an interface that will allow your brain to communicate directly with your computer. (Columbia is NY’s sole shot.)

Back with his X: Elon Musk has re-acquired the domain name, once the name of his online bank startup, later PayPal. No financial details known, but one must guess ka-ching. In a tweet, Musk said he had no immediate plans for the URL. (Stay clear of others, but is a freelancer hiring site.)

Quickies: Amazon has approval to open a grocery business in India; WeWork plans to open 20 locations in Tokyo; Microsoft pledges to improve bandwidth to 10 remote states; European VCs raised $7.3 billion last year, the most in 10 years but below a pre-recession peak, most of the money from U.S. investors.

Attention LaunchPad: WeWork hit a $20 billion valuation in a new founding round.


Trumid, an NYC-based electronic trading platform, raised $10 million from the German stock exchange.

Comtravo, a Berlin-based software company that can structure complicated business trips based on simple email texts from customers, raised $10 million.

AutoLotto, a Bay Area lottery app, raised $17 million from some rich guys.


If you must: Wild Oregon white truffle oil, but priced like it’s Italian.

Worth it: Mika Brzezinski, recently dissed by the Commander in Tweet as a plastic surgery lover with a low IQ, has inked a three-book, high-six-figure publishing deal, Page Six reports.

Missed Amazon Prime Day? The hot tub boat features a 32-square-foot tub, enough room for six adults, water warmable to 104° F, plus four built-in coolers and a pair of 50-watt pop-up speakers.

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Compiled by John Kominicki. Thanks for reading this far.