No. 142: Robotic gloves, a smart helmet and happy news for your colon

TG it’s F: A great end to a balmy week, everybody. Today’s July 8, on which the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at a record low of 41.22 in 1932.

Live from Post Avenue: Westbury won $10 million in the latest of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s economic development sweepstakes, this one focused on downtown revitalization.

Also basking in the governor’s glow on Thursday: Elmira.

Making news: Cablevision scion Pat Dolan has acquired 75 percent of the Newsday Media Group and will serve as its president. Altice, which bought Cablevision last month for $17.7 billion and said repeatedly it intended to keep the associated print publications, will retain 25 percent. The deal was a hit with media watchdogs.

Plus: MSG, the Cablevision sports and entertainment spinoff, has acquired the three-day Boston Calling music festival in the firm’s first foray into outside-the-venue entertainment.

Give it time: The guv was out defending Start-Up NY this week following a report on the program’s anemic job creation.

Precision medicine: Cold Spring Harbor Lab and pharma giant Boehringer Ingelheim, working to target and treat an aggressive blood cancer called acute myeloid leukemia, have come up with a breakthrough way of proving how drugs attach to cancer cells. Big stuff if you can get through the science. And hats off to CSHL’s Christopher Vakoc.

Joint effort: Feinstein Institute director Kevin Tracey and colleagues were published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences journal on electrical stimulation of the vagus nerve in rheumatoid arthritis patients, the basis for Tracey’s groundbreaking bioelectronic medicine. If you know what a cytokine is, you’ll have a leg up as you read more here.

Congrats: Ten Brookhaven National Lab scientists have been granted tenure.

Nature preserved: National Grid’s plan to build a 350-acre solar array on forested land near the former Shoreham nuke plant has state reps talking about a government buyout, Mark Harrington reports.

Not especially related: MGM Resorts has topped Toys R Us for the nation’s largest rooftop solar installation, a 26,000-panel, 8.3-megawatt system atop the Mandalay Bay Convention Center completed this week.

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Applied DNA Sciences has inked a two-year deal with Melville’s R&R Partnership Enterprises to provide DNA markers for the firm’s document-authentication system, which is marketed to police, fire investigators and other experts.

An Advanced Manufacturing Training program seeks to retro-fit the unemployed with the skills needed for high-tech manufacturing.

A temporary revenue dip for aerospace contractor Park Electrochemical Corp.

The LIRR Port Washington Branch is beta-testing the MTA’s eTix app.

Smithtown’s MIDI Medical Product Development is leading the charge to bring medical innovation to the economic fore.

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Sorta like crystals: BAE Systems is working to “grow” future military aircraftin computer-run chemical vats.

Let’s shake on it: NASA has licensed a robotic glove, originally designed for use on the International Space Station, that gives the wearer extra gripping strength. A Swedish company, Bioservo Technologies, intends to develop versions for health care and manufacturing.

Boston watch: Newton-based ColonaryConcepts is perfecting a pre-colonoscopy drink and snack bar it says patients will actually enjoy.

Heads up: Classon, a smart bicycle helmet that senses which way you plan to steer, has raised $109,000 on a $30,000 Kickstarter campaign.

Brexit update: Will London continue as Europe’s digital media capital? Probably – unless all those Facebook and Google workers want to learn Dutch.

Although: The Dutch language is a relative cakewalk, according to rankings by the State Department’s Foreign Service Institute.

Kinder, gentler: NYC has lost its Rudest City in America title to Miami and Phoenix.

But not here: Northrop Grumman landed a $103 million DoD contract to combat radio-controlled IEDs. Work to be done in California, Oregon, Minnesota and Arizona.

Pic your past: A new SnapChat feature called Memories allows you to save “favorite moments” in the app without burdening your camera roll.

Not forgotten:, the world’s leading obituary site, gets 20 million unique visitors a month in the U.S.

Popping up: Short-lease retailers are gobbling up space in Cleveland ahead of the Republican National Convention. One, Cleveland in a Box, hawks such “iconic goods” as Carhop’s Burger Sauce, Peterson’s Nuts and Great Lakes Beer Mustard.

Herring loss: Maine’s lobster industry is suffering from a lack of bait.

Obama cares: The White House wants to sign up 1 million Americans for a long-term health study. First up are NYC, Pittsburgh, Chicago and Tucson.


No kidding: NYC’s Department of Investigation is rolling out a multi-media campaign to remind citizens that bribery and corruption are illegal.

But can they catch a Frisbee? Goats can communicate with humans just as well as pet dogs.

Flour power: The FDA is warning consumers to stop eating raw cookie dough. Because diarrhea. Often bloody.

Hot diggity, dog ziggity: The Solar Dogger uses the sun to cook frankfurters, sausages and other “tubular meats.”

Bonus: Perry Como’s 1956 version.

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Compiled by John Kominicki. Thanks for reading this far.