No. 156: Pharma jobs, exploring the planet and 10 tips on finding talent

TG it’s F: A happy Friday, everybody. Charles Thurber received a patent on this day for a typewriter designed for “the blind and the nervous.” Also, in no special order, U.S. women received the right to vote, Michelangelo was commissioned to carve the Pietà and John Fitch began operating the first commercial steamboat.

(Not successfully, because traveling over land by wagon was quicker.)

It’s National Webmistress Day. Hug one if your HR rules allow it.

But first, this: Massachusetts led the nation in the growth of pharmaceutical-related “bio manufacturing” employment over the past decade, posting a 33 percent increase in pharma sector jobs, according to a new report.

While the Bay State still lags other Top 15 states in total pharma jobs – it currently ranks 10th – it has significantly expanded employment in the sector while others have shed jobs. Connecticut lost 47.4 percent of its pharma jobs over the past decade, for example, while New Jersey experienced a 45 percent decline. Pennsylvania, and Ohio also saw double-digit decreases.

New York was also a loser, despite large employment gains in the sector on Long Island.

In addition to Massachusetts, Maryland (+31.4%), Texas (+16.7%) and North Carolina (+11.7%), posted handsome increases.

Overall, the United States lost more than 24,000 biopharma manufacturing jobs during the past decade, an 8 percent decrease, according to the report, which was released by MassBio, a state trade organization.

Not closely related: Massachusetts-based pharma firm Shire has hired Jennifer Aniston to be the face of Xiidra, a new treatment for dry eye, which the actress says she suffers from.

Gray matters: Farmingdale-based ALA Scientific Instruments and Dr. Lilianne Mujica-Perodi of SBU’s Department of Biomedical Engineering have been awarded a $225,000 Small Business Technology Transfer grant for work on a game-changing brain scanner.

While Congress recesses: Medford-based Chembio Diagnostics has won a $13.2 million federal contract to further develop its rapid test for the Zika virus.

Rags to riches: Clothing wholesaler Royal Apparel is moving ahead with a hefty Hauppauge expansion with help from the Suffolk IDA.

Moving on up: Farrell Fritz’s Jack Barnowsky has been named a Lawyer of the Year. Lisa Rosenblum has been appointed vice chairman of Altice USA, the parent company of Cablevision. More People items here.

Rock stars: Geologists are spanning the globe – and the solar system – as Stony Brook University’s new Center for Planetary Exploration tackles such challenges as, oh, landing a laser-packing super-camera on Mars in 2020 and unlocking the chemical secrets of existence. The inside scoop from our personal tour, coming later today at

Also today: It was a big week at Southside Hospital in Bay Shore, where Northwell Health unveiled its new SkyHealth helipad and officially debuted its expanded Bohlsen Family Emergency Department. (Amazing what $60 million will get you.)

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Good here: Long Island’s rate dipped to 4.2 percent in July, well below New York State and the nation. Nassau’s 4.0 percent rate was among the lowest of any NY county.

Better there: Apple is so desperate for talent that it has been acquiring startups just to fold in the staff. The pace? One acquisition every three or four weeks.

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