No. 31: A new blog, fuel from fungus and strange doings down under

TGIW: A good midweek everyone and welcome new readers. It’s May 6, the day the Hindenburg crashed, the first Republic P-47 took wing and “Friends” said cheers. Don’t forget to send tips, news, ideas, calendar items, criticisms and corrections to

DEEP THOUGHTS … AND SOME KOMINICKI: The Long Island Index has launched a new blog featuring the sage views of Rauch Foundation head Nancy Douzinas, thought-provoking cartoons from Pulitzer Prize winner Walt Handelsman and a bit of unconventional wisdom from yours truly. Visit here.

SHORTENING THE PIPELINE: Cold Spring Harbor Lab Director Bruce Stillman is pushing plans for a $75M center that rushes research toward commercialization, eliminating the risk of Big Pharma dragging its feet on discoveries. CSHL should know: One of the lab’s top cancer treatment prospects from 1994 just made it to market. Innovate LI

STARTUP OF THE WEEK: Michelle and Chris Kelly think they’ve unlocked the secret to online gluten-free sales. Great recipes, superior ingredients and don’t freeze what you’ve just baked. As simple as that? We can all find out June 1. Gregory Zeller reports at Innovate LI.

DEEP POCKETS: Sharestates, the Great Neck-based online real estate investment platform, announced a $30 million partnership with Ranger Capital Fund. Innovate LI

THE REALLY BIG CHILL: Brookhaven National Lab scientists are kicking the tires on a 20-ton magnet they hope will be able to help them study the quark-gluon plasma that spun out in the micro-seconds following the Big Bang. After they cool it down to minus-452 degrees, of course. Innovate LI

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THERE GOES THE TRAVEL BUDGET: Pina Campagna, a senior associate at Melville’s Carter DeLuca Farrell & Schmidt, has been selected to serve on the standing committee on designs of the influential International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property. Campagna, a Hofstra biochemistry grad and Albany Law alum, is one of only two U.S. reps from 13 represented countries.

AT FARMINGDALE, ALL BUSINESS: Farmingdale State University opens its greatly expanded business school on Thursday, a state-of-the-art, three-story, $19.3M facility that caps a $185M modernization plan at the school. SUNY Chancellor Nancy Zimpher plans to be on hand. Innovate LI

POSEIDON ADVENTURE: Developers pitching a second power cable from New Jersey extolled the line’s ability to help Long Island shut down old and environmentally unfriendly plants here. Which is exactly what the attendees from Port Jefferson didn’t want to hear. Newsday’s Mark Harrington

SNEAK PEAK: A quick look at the future WeWork/WeLive building on the water in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. New York YIMBY

LINKS IN: David Calone’s run for Congress was the most-clicked item in Monday’s newsletter, and no surprise. But we’re a little worried about the 15 percent of readers who clicked the Best Font To Use On A Resume item.

HOT EVENTS: Last week’s Pitch Night at LaunchPad Huntington was such a success that a May and June version have been hastily scheduled. To attend the May 13 running, go here. Pitchers are free, seats in the stands, $10.

Also: The Nassau Tech Task Team is organizing a technology job fair on June 11, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., at the Cradle of Aviation museum. Register here.

BUFFALO WATCH: Paychex founder Tom Golisano, also routinely referred to as “former Buffalo Sabres owner” and “Rochester billionaire,” has agreed to invest several million in Bak USA, a Buffalo startup and Start-Up NY tenant. The deal promises to create 267 jobs, 100 of them with lake-effect speed. Innovate LI

RECHLER NABS THE HELMSLEY: Scott Rechler’s RXR Realty has acquired the Helmsley Building near Grand Central for $1.4B. You’ve been there: It’s the one Park Avenue goes through.

THAT DIDN’T TAKE LONG: Two weeks after Gov. Andrew Cuomo led a New York trade delegation to Cuba, JetBlue Airways announced a new flight from New York to Havana. As you may remember from our editorial at the time, we were hoping they’d come to MacArthur.

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THE LOW DOWN, DOWN UNDER: The source of strange radio signals that have puzzled astronomers at Australia’s most famous radio telescope for 17 years has finally been discovered. Hint: Popcorn may have been involved. WiredUK

FUNG ’ER UP: Washington State University researchers have found a way to produce jet fuel from a black fungus found in rotting leaves and fruit. The process, which turned backyard Aspergillus carbonarius into bio jet fuel, could be used to tank up commercial aircraft within five years. Imagine what they could do if given access to high school gym lockers. EurekAlert

LUSITANIA, NOT RISING: An unusual battle is brewing over the RMS Lusitania, sunk by the German navy 100 years ago and an obsession for a retired venture capitalist. Gregg Bemis, who bought the wreck as an investment in what he figured would be millions in scrap metals, has collided with an immovable object: The Irish government. Fortune

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