No. 59: Buncee up, Quirky down and the earliest look at Pluto

THE BIG PUSH: Stony Brook University Medical Center is prepping to deliver its 100,000th baby in the next week or two. Stay tuned.

SMART TECH: Calverton-based buncee was voted app of the week by leading ed platform Haiku Learning.

THOUGHT THEY ALREADY HAD: Uber overtook taxis as the most expensed form of ground transportation in America in the second quarter, leaping 9 percentage points over Q1.

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CAPTAINS OF CRUNCH: Cold Spring Harbor Lab spinout Envisagenics has finished the software build for proprietary algorithms that can plow through the giant – and growing – pile of genome-related data, speeding drug therapies to market. Could be big.

FAST FITNESS: Exercise entrepreneur Alyssa Bossio drops her first workout and diet e-books this weekend to an Instagram crowd that’s already pushing 2 million. Cover price: $49.99. Not bad for a just-graduated English Lit major.

POTATOES TO CHIPS TO … Long Island’s new focus on innovation comes just in time. Maybe.

Former LIPA Veep Bruce Germano has joined forces with Jasmine Universe founder Mohan Wanchoo to bring some pretty smart energy technology to market.

ThermoLift landed $2.75M in funding to continue moving its revolutionary heat pump to market.

Feinstein Center spinoff Symbiotic Health was awarded $100K to advance its work on a treatment for C. Dif, the deadly hospital infection.

Huntington-based Teq launched a school security system called Spot that gives teachers and other staffers the ability to report emergency situations with the touch of a single button.

Phil Rugile almost smiled.

POWER TO THE PEOPLE: Gov. Cuomo unveiled a renewable energy program for communities that will allow groups of individuals – condo owners, say – to get discounts for participating in wind- and solar-energy deals.

The Island added 18,400 jobs in the year ending in June, exactly half of them in health care and education.

Farmingdale inventor Arthur Lih got his biggest order to date for his LifeVac device, which can suction foreign objects from the throats of choking victims.

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MONEY’S A QUIRKY THING: Quirky, the NYC inventor platform, is out of money, largely due to heavy investment in Wink, its connected-home spinoff. “It got complicated, and complicated stories are hard to get financed,” founder Ben Kaufman toldFortune.

IOT UPDATE: The Related Cos.’ Hudson Yards redo is being wired as an Internet of Things “quantified community” that will be able to gauge everything from air quality to pedestrian traffic flow.

Sorta related: Manhattan startup Kinetic has a wrist device for warehouse and construction workers that warns the wearer when they’re working unsafely.

FUND TIMES: NYC meal-in-a-box startup Plated landed $35M in a B round, money to be used to expand the firm’s distribution centers.

Zeta Interactive, cofounded by former Apple CEO John Scully, scored $125M, valuing it at $1B.

Sage, an app that reimagines food labeling for people interested in health, the environment, biodiversity and ethics, is still getting by on $1,000 won in a contest.

PASSWORDLESS SIGN ONS COMING: Keybase, a hobby cryptography project by the founders of dating site OKCupid, raised $10.8M to get serious.

CROWDED FIELD: LA-based Realty Mogul is opening a NYC office to better compete in the crowdfunder space dominated by Prodigy Network and Fundrise. Unlike those, Mogul is seeking to be the go-to platform for both commercial and residential deals.

CROWDED KITCHEN: Common, a two-month old co-living company based in Brooklyn, raised $7.5M. 

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CYBERSQUATTING SUIT IS SQUAT: A judge has tossed a suit by Office Space Solutions against a British programmer who refused to give up a domain name he’d used since 1999.

SMART WRIST: Having lost the lead in the activity tracker sector, Misfit is adding features like a smart button that can control your lights and music.

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YEAST OF EDEN: For years, manufacturers have tried to improve cacao fermentation by controlling unwanted microbes. Now they’ve discovered the same yeast that gives us beer and bread makes one heckuva chocolate.

STAND CLEAR: Charlie Pellett is the most recognizable voice in New York City. If you take the subway, anyway.

FIRST LOOK AT PLUTO: In the 1930 Disney cartoon The Chain Gang.

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Compiled by John Kominicki. Thanks for reading.