No. 79: Uber’s up, the Hamptons are down and CA is maybe a push

TGIF: A good Friday everybody and welcome new readers. It’s Oct. 23, on which we celebrate Italian scientist Amedeo Avogadro, who decreed that a “mole” of any substance has the same number of particles, which is 6.02 X 10 to the 23rd.

Perspective from my high school chemistry teacher: If you saved $1 million a second it would take more time than the universe has existed to save a mole’s worth of dollars.

(And that was in 1971.)

PICK UP GAME: Uber Technologies is readying an expansion to Long Island and upstate cities like Buffalo and Rochester, where the ride-sharing company says there are jobs for 13,000 drivers and $80 million in first-year fares.

Proof of consumer interest: More than 350,000 non-Big Apple New Yorkers have already downloaded the firm’s app.

Interesting side fact: Buffalo is the only U.S. city with an NFL team that does not have Uber service.

Quick quip: Some would argue it doesn’t really have an NFL team.

However: The company’s expansion will require some tweaking of the state’s insurance laws, which the pols are expected to take up in January. (Especially if Uber agrees to expand to Albany.)

The tweaks would simplify life for East Hampton Supervisor Larry Cantwell, who had Uber drivers jailed earlier this year for operating without required docs, even though traditional taxi service out there is spotty and the risk of post-party driving high.

The move earned him a few choice words from The Independent’s ever-caustic Jerry Della Femina: “In the world of dickdom, Larry Cantwell is just an officious, small-town guy who makes a bad decision and is too stubborn to reverse it and do the right thing.”

NOW WE MUST WAIT FOR: David Chang to expand delivery of his mood-altering deep-fried chicken-thigh sandwiches from Fuku (no, it’s pronounced Foo-koo) previously only available at his Midtown and East Village locations but now delivered by Caviar below 85th, but nowhere near here yet. (Worth the trip in, however.)

ICYM IOY: A pity if you weren’t one of the 250+ who turned out for our Innovator of the Year awards on Wednesday. Great networking, excellent science jokes and 47 awesome inventors and innovators. If you managed to sidestep the $55 ticket, you should at least celebrate their stories here.

SHEDDING SOME LIGHT: Luminati Aerospace may be run by a wunderkind, but it’s getting its R&D chops from a couple of gray-beards who have had distinguished careers at Northrop Grumman and Raytheon.

PLANET BUSINESS: Innovation cannot apparently succeed without global partnerships.

DISC US: Teq, the Huntington ed-tech company, has a new deal to distribute really cool Labdiscs, which can turn any space into a science lab.

ONE LAST PLUG: Frosae Sorbae, which turns wine, craft beer and rum into frozen desserts with a punch, is working on an egg cream parfait that’s built off a Bronx-made chocolate stout microbrew and arrives with the consistency of Carvel.

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GAME ON: The Long Island regional council made its pitch to a state panel that will recommend what gets funded in the Guv’s annual 10-region eco-dev competition. Focus: Bio-tech. The range is $90 million to $105 million. If going last is good, we have that going for us.

CA SLIDES: Continued financial woes for CA as it tries to switch from legacy products to software that companies actually want. But, happy news, new product sales were up 40 percent, which led to cheers in Islandia.

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CLEARLY NOT FROM NY: Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes has gone to the mattresses over last week’s Wall Street Journal articles that question her California company’s blood testing technology. Both sides are standing their ground, with Holmes carping that she didn’t realize the WSJ was “a tabloid magazine.”

CHARITY CASES: America’s 86 million millennials, now the nation’s largest population segment, are the hot new target for the not-for-profit scene. CNY

NOTHING TO SNIFF AT: Boston researchers think they have a work-around for the blood-brain barrier, the body’s filtering system for blood headed to the brain. It’s been a major hurdle in the development of drugs that could be used to treat neurological conditions, with 98 percent of pharma candidates blocked.

The latest technique takes advantage of nasal membranes that are 1,000 times more permeable than the blood barrier. Some light reading on the subject from Neurosurgery.

SMARTENING UP: Schenectady is working with retirees from General Electric’s Wise Labs and the Internet of Things company Wink to become a “smart city” like Copenhagen, Barcelona and — really? — Kansas City, Mo. First up: Street lamps and security cameras. The Electric City thinks it can cut its lighting bill in half with smarter, connected tech.

SORRY, ANGIE: What not to launch if you’re looking to be the next unicorn: Local directory platforms. Overdone and increasingly underperforming.

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GOING DIGIT-AL: NYC, well known for giving the world the finger, is giving itself one.

HOLIDAYS COMING: The best tablet to buy for your kid who really, really, no please, wants one.

TOUGH ALL OVER: Unhappy with how your home’s value has rebounded post-recession? It’s even worse in the Hamptons, where prices dropped 18 percent in the third quarter because of the glut of mansions on the market. The average price is waaay down to $5.3 million.

LIT UP: Marijuana use among American adults more than doubled over the past 12 years, according to Pew research. Which is kinda interesting, since it’s only legal in four states.

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Compiled by John Kominicki. Thanks for reading.