No. 80: Mark Cuban, Uncle Fester and a real Italian hottie

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Hillary Clinton is 68 today. Jackie “Uncle Fester” Coogan would be 101. (Still can’t believe he was married to Betty Grable.)

THE DEBRIEF: AVZ’s Tom Murray on the 22nd running of his firm’s iconic biz poll. (Or skip Tom and just take it now.)

NIAGARA FALLS: Despite an OK quarterly report on Friday, speculation continues that struggling First Niagara wants to sell itself, maybe to our own New York Community Bank.

FAST TRACK: The Port Authority agreed last week to spend up to 15 years and maybe $10 billion to replace its deteriorating bus terminal at Times Square. Probably somewhere else, though. The current facility was built in 1950 for $24 million.

MEGA BITE: Henry Schein has ponied up $1.25 million to increase educational programs on dental prosthetics. (Includes a short, pathetically transparent, traffic-building quiz on Hollywood’s best smiles.)

WET NURSE OF INVENTION: Bethpage-based Design Edge offers full-spectrum product development, from thought to store shelves. In some cases, they’ll even provide the thought.

LI TECH DAY: Is a coming.

WOLFING IT: Stony Brook’s Innovation Lab holds its first pitch night on Nov. 2. Judges include Andrew Hazen and Paul Trapani, plus Intelligent Product Solutions’ Derek Peterson and James Keane, global director of “disruptive growth exploration” at Anheuser-Busch InBev. (Who knew Bud had cool titles like that?)

Peterson, BTW, has his own startup, Digital Fly, profiled by us back in September. Could be big.

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CLICKED IN: Top click-throughs from last Friday’s blast: The stories behind our Innovator of the Year winners, Luminati Aerospace trots out its R&D team and Gizmag ranks 2015’s top kids’ tablets.

SWEPT UP: Dyson, the anal-retentive vacuum cleaner company, has acquired University of Michigan spinoff Sakti3, a maker of really advanced batteries, in which Dyson had previously invested $15 million. The whole company went for $90 million.

AND 1:30 IS ACTUALLY PLENTY: The 11-hour Benghazi hearing in 3 minutes, thanks to the NYT.

SPACE CREDENTIALS: Strut around like you’re real media at the next NASA cargo rocket launch, Dec. 2-3 at Cape Canaveral. Apply here.

NO BOCA FOR YOU: The Class of 2015 will likely have to work until age 75, in part because of student loan repayments, according to new analysis from NerdWallet.

ITALIAN HOTTIE: European researchers are teaming up on a project that will attempt to drill deep into the Earth to harvest what’s called “supercritical water,” a very – very – hot substance that could potentially power 10X the homes and businesses of traditional thermal wells. The first attempt is planned for Tuscany.

HAUTE ADDRESS: NYC co-working startup Blender is bringing upscale design, obsessive customer service and personal meditation space for customers who don’t fit into WeWork’s boys-with-brews model. On Madison Avenue, of course.

MARK CUBAN: “Of the 71 startups I’ve invested in through Shark Tank, two have gone out of business, three are so stupid they don’t know they’re out of business, and then probably 50, give or take, are in growth.”

A REAL HOOT: Owlet, the baby booty that monitors the breathing of newborns for anxious parents, came out in beta yesterday. $249. Or you could actually peek in the crib. For free.

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BESIDES RAISING MONEY: The Young Entrepreneur Council on 11 little things startup CEOs should do every week.

LOYALTY A QUESTION, THOUGH: Jill Hazelbaker, one of the brightest minds on former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s team, has been hired by Uber, who stole her away from Snapchat, which had lured her from Google. Bloomberg got her from John McCain.


FARE WELL: Jacques Pépin is donating the menu from the last meal at Julia Child’s house, cooked just before her kitchen was packed off to the Smithsonian, where the carte du jour will now join the display. Enjoyed that night: Beluga, oyster soup, cheese gougères, rabbit rillettes, skate and a grapefruit sorbet, plus plenty of vins and Veuve Clicquot.

Pépin, who turns 80 in December, drops another cookbook this month.

ROOM FOR SPACE: Billionaire investor Yuri Milner (Facebook, Zynga, Alibaba, WhatsApp, Spotify, yada yada) has 50 wall-mounted TVs in his home that he’s configuring for live feeds of the Kepler space telescope. The TVs replace artwork the previous owners took with them.

RASH THINKING: Maple-bacon Pop-Tarts, with white frosting and smoke-flavored “crunchlets,” are coming in time for the holidays, Eater reports.

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