Rugged Janam eyes retail with new XT200 computer

Reading palms: In the new XT200 mobile computer, Janam Technologies promises everything the professional retailer needs, and more.

You probably know that Janam Technologies likes it rough. Turns out, the Woodbury-based mobile-tech manufacturer also likes to shop.

At least, the newest innovation from the tough-as-nails worksite mobility ace – the XT200 mobile computer – is built for the mall, or any retail outlet, or for in-field sales and service.

It’s a minor departure for a manufacturer that basically dares its customers to try and break its merchandise, reinforcing its high-tech mobile units with impenetrable dust and water shields, shock absorbency that can withstand the clumsiest construction worker and other rough-and-tumble features.

The XT200 is no pansy. It may look like an innocent cell phone, but the “rugged-touch computer” joins its Janam brethren in earning an international IP67 rating, an “ingress protection” level indicating that dust can’t permeate its outer shell and it can function fully after being submerged in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes – a specific but rare and highly prized international standard.

Harry Lerner: Raising the barcode scanner (and other handheld functions).

But unlike other Janam products built to bounce around factories and assembly lines, the company’s newest entry is more suited to retail environments. Featuring a 5-inch display and Google’s Android Enterprise Recommended certification, it boasts cutting-edge tech ranging from Wi-Fi Fast Roaming connectivity to optional Push-to-Talk protocols, as well as advanced barcode scanning, integrated RFID and near-field communication readers, front and rear-facing cameras and more.

The XT200 is built to run on the feature-rich 8.0 Oreo Android operating system, but as part of the Google AER program, it can be upgraded to run on the next-generation Android 9 Pie OS – adaptability that provides the “long-term enterprise support that our customers already expect from us,” according to Janam CEO Harry Lerner.

“Janam has a long history of supporting products and operating systems well past their official end-of-life dates,” Lerner said Thursday. “We’re thrilled to participate in Google’s AER program with the new XT200 … while once again raising the bar for our competitors.”

Janam’s new device adds another sleek design to a menu of durable workplace handhelds that’s grown steadily over the past year-plus.

In September 2018, the Woodbury company announced its new XG series of gun-shaped scanner/computers, following the March 2018 introduction of the first-generation XT100 rugged-touch computer and the multipurpose XM75 mobile computer, featuring both keypad and touchscreen functionality.