‘Smarter’ male enhancement starts in Hauppauge

Take a pill: Bactolac Pharmaceutical's reputation for high quality has earned another major manufacturing deal.

When it comes to male enhancement, two heads are better than one.

That’s the rationale behind Impress! for Men, a thinking man’s nutritional supplement produced by Michigan-based MaxLabs US that aims to go where no male-enhancer has gone before: not just the space between the legs, but the space between the ears.

To get there, MaxLabs US has recruited Hauppauge manufacturer Bactolac Pharmaceutical Inc., selected from “dozens of manufacturers” in a competitive request-for-proposals process, according to MaxLabs. Bactolac, one of two Hauppauge pharmas owned by Indian entrepreneur Pailla Malla Reddy, will handle manufacturing and “related technical services” for the upscale male enhancer, MaxLabs said.

“A contract manufacturer who simply ‘meets FDA guidelines’ wasn’t going to be satisfactory for a project that’s breaking new ground,” noted MaxLabs US Vice President Charles Kraft. “We had to secure the absolute best and find a collaborative partner possessing the expertise and technical resources that’s also aligned to our pillars of innovation, quality and value.

“MaxLabs US found precisely that with Bactolac Pharmaceutical.”

IMPRESS! for Men, MaxLabs US’s flagship brand, packs a patent-pending formulation composed of “premium, name-brand ingredients” that not only address the basics of male sexual performance – not hard to comprehend – but other performance-related factors, including fatigue and anxiety.

Pailla Malla Reddy: Hard core.

It’s a decidedly cerebral (and thoroughly tested, according to MaxLabs US) male-enhancement supplement that, according to company literature, leaves users “sharp and energized today, impressive tonight and crystal-clear tomorrow.”

Not only do the “highly standardized bioactive ingredients” improve sexual performance, Kraft said, but they “can also curtail men’s reliance on products like energy drinks.”

Mass-producing the “crossover high-potency dietary supplement” was a touchy proposition for the Michigan firm, but MaxLabs US found the right pharmaceutical-grade manufacturer in Bactolac, “one of just three U.S. manufacturers who survived our selection process,” Kraft noted.

“MaxLabs US’s competitive request-for-proposal process evaluated dozens of manufacturers to ensure IMPRESS! would be produced in accordance with our exacting specifications,” the VP noted. “Bactolac was a leading choice from the beginning based on their scale, experience, certifications and reputation for quality.”

The ultimate differentiator was the Hauppauge firm’s “eagerness to embrace our extensive list of demands and expertly translate them into a seamless manufacturing plan,” Kraft added.

Reddy, who earned a PhD in chemistry from India’s Kanpur Universty and has launched several international biotech companies, including firms based in Russia, said that recognition and reputation is critical to Bactolac Pharmaceuticals, which has emerged as “one of the most trusted nutritional-supplement companies for private-label and contract manufacturing” since its 1995 launch.

“All products go through comprehensive testing to ensure safety, accuracy, consistency and strict label adherence,” the CEO said in a statement. “We recognize our shared core values and dedication to customers as the driving force propelling MaxLabs to the top of their category.”

“The opportunity to work with a brand so intensely focused on offering only the best and highest-quality products to their customers is an outstanding honor,” Reddy added.

Impress-ive: Truth in labeling.

The “strict label adherence” mentioned by Reddy is more than just lip service, and another factor working in Impress! for Men’s favor, according to MaxLabs US. In January, the 2016 startup released an in-house study of 39 brands that claimed 95 percent of male-enhancement supplements available to U.S. customers were in some way fraudulent – including “ingredient weights impossibly large for the provided capsule sizes,” according to the Michigan maker.

“Many popular sexual-enhancement pills have serious issues including undeclared chemicals, fictitious labeling, erroneous country of origin – all related to poor manufacturing quality,” Kraft noted. “IMPRESS! brings much-needed discipline to this product category.”

The financial terms of the new manufacturing deal have not been released, but the MaxLabs US partnership is among the biggest to date for Bactolac Pharmaceuticals, one of two Hauppauge-based companies owned by Reddy. The other is ScieGen Pharmaceuticals, a circa-2009 startup focused primarily on the development, manufacturing and distribution of generic pharmaceuticals.

It also marks a handsome return-on-investment for the regional innovation economy. In late 2015, the sister companies announced plans to purchase a 92,000-square-foot building on Oser Avenue in Hauppauge and to add another 50,000 square feet of storage space, through a $17.5 million incentives package approved by the Suffolk County Industrial Development Agency.

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