Tools4Ever: Bringing order to data chaos, and fast

Lockdown: Tools4Ever has created a new tool to help administrators control unstructured data.

A Netherlands-based software firm with a thriving Long Island operation is clamping down on unstructured data.

Tools4Ever, a global provider of digital identity and access-management solutions that runs its New York operations out of Lynbrook, has launched an “enterprise resource authorization manager” designed to help users regain control of unstructured data – information floating around an enterprise computer network that’s not organized according to network specifics.

Dean Wiech: Permissions granted (and taken away).

Also called “unstructured information,” such data is usually text-heavy, but may also contain critical info like dates, numbers and facts. Since it’s not filed in a format typical to the network, the data may present irregularities compared to new or better-annotated data, and can be much more difficult to secure.

Tools4Ever’s solution: ERAM, which helps users retake the reins regarding access control of unstructured data. Specifically, the software package determines who has access to what information, who should, who’s tried to gain access to certain data, who actually owns what data and where certain bits of sensitive information are being stored.

ERAM, which can be configured for tasks such as the scheduled collection of user permissions in Microsoft’s proprietary Windows New Technology File System, is designed to give organizations a clearer look at their “information pollution,” according to Tools4Ever, while helping them tighten up file-systems access permissions (for example, making sure relevant system-access permissions are canceled when an employee is transferred from Department A to Department B).

Tools4Ever has produced customizable ERAM solutions for system administrators, who can easily answer access-right questions and assign proper permissions, and security officers, who can track access information through advanced reporting and dashboard apps.

Dean Wiech, managing director of Tools4Ever’s Lynbrook office and its U.S. operations, said the ERAM software packages are just the latest evolution of Tools4Ever’s end-to-end identity governance and access-management solutions – and a cost-efficient one, thanks to Tools4Ever’s “phased implementation,” which delivers results “in a short period of time and for a limited investment.”

“Our mission is to develop and deliver pragmatic and cost-effective solutions,” Wiech said. “We can implement an end-to-end solution within weeks or even hours, rather than months or even years, as is the current norm.”

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