With top advisors, SmartCoparent smartens up

Inside man: Former Nassau County Legislator David Mejias, a family law specialist, has joined the advisory board of Hauppauge-based SmartCoparent.

Any parent will tell you the value of good advice, and of course that applies to SmartCoparent.

The subsidiary of Hauppauge-based Aeonic Ventures – which recently launched its namesake app, an all-in-one digital platform for separated co-parents – has now announced the formation of its Independent Strategic Advisory Board, to be comprised of “leading experts in emerging technologies and family law.”

SmartCoparent is the second product by Aeonic Ventures founder and President Gregory Wagner, following the 2016 release of popular scheduling app Moiety.

To date, Wagner has largely gone it alone, shouldering the lion’s share of programming duties while building a strong social media following and spinning off SmartCoparent.

The new app adds fresh features to Moiety’s scheduling protocols, including support-payment automation, document sharing, in-app communications and other bells and whistles especially useful to busy, separated co-parents (and related childcare providers).

Vanessa Fernandes: Vital link in the blockchain.

It’s a lot to keep up with – hence the new advisory board, which will not only look to beef up SmartCoparent’s technological capabilities but will hyper-focus the new product on a logical and lucrative vertical.

According to SmartCoparent, the ISAB “will serve as both strategy and technology counsel,” simultaneously working “to advance the development of the company’s platform and broaden connectivity within the family-law community.”

The world of separated co-parenting “is in desperate need of innovation,” Wagner noted, and the advisory board will work to not only exploit the best technologies but open the right doors.

“The post-divorce financial system is one of the most arcane life events a person can experience,” Wagner told Innovate LI. “We believe that blockchain-based smart contract technology already exists to effectively solve those massive inefficiencies.”

Expected to grow quickly, the fledgling board already has its first two members. The inaugural members include Vanessa Fernandes, chief technology officer for emerging technologies in the United States for Itaú Unibanco, one of the largest Latin American banks.

Gregory Wagner: Team-building exercise.

Fernandes, whose expertise includes artificial intelligence and distributed ledger technologies, holds an MBA from Fundacao Getulio Vargas in Brazil, as well as post-graduate certifications in strategy, innovation, management and leadership from Harvard University and MIT’s Sloan School of Management.

Wagner trumpeted Fernandes’ “vast experience in emerging technologies,” which will help SmartCoparent “continuously improve.”

“[She] will help us achieve our end goal, which is development of an open-sourced, blockchain-based platform,” the founder noted.

Also first to join is attorney David Mejias, a former Nassau County legislator and managing partner of Glen Cove divorce-law firm Mejias Milgrim & Alvarado.

Well-versed in matrimonial, domestic-violence and personal-injury law, Mejias is a graduate of the University at Albany School of Business and the Fordham University School of Law.

He’s also the ideal advisor to not only introduce SmartCoparent to a receptive audience, according to Wagner, but to help tailor the app to that community’s very specific needs.

“Dave has invaluable experience in navigating through the family court system and understands deeply what pains family court judges and attorneys alike,” the president said. “He will be instrumental in helping us educate both family-law professionals and the judicial community about the immediate benefits and lasting value of the SmartCoparent solution.”