The co-parents have spoken, and Moiety responds

Keeping it simple: The upgraded Moiety app look to further simplify the often-confounding world of separated co-parenting.

With a successful social media campaign, a hot iOS launch and a long-anticipated Android debut all in the rear-view mirror, the makers of the Moiety app are listening.

And the brain trust at Woodbury-based Aenoic Ventures are heeding what they hear, with a host of upgrades – many based on user feedback – debuting this week on the social-scheduling program.

Even before it launched, Moiety – which works for any social group, or “crew,” but is designed especially for separated co-parents, their families and assorted childcare providers – was a bit of an Internet sensation. The app built an enormous social media following before debuting in October 2016 in the Apple Store, and to date still boasts more than 133,000 Facebook followers; following a warm reception by iOS 9 (and up) users, Moiety finally reached Android users, via the Google Play store, in March of this year.

With the free, minimum-viable product moving through both online stores at a healthy clip, Aeonic Ventures and its CEO, Moiety inventor Greg Wagner, have been listening closely to user comments. This week, they broke out a host of new bells and whistles designed to improve the app, which aims to reduce scrambled calls and last-minute texts by centralizing group activities, pick-ups and related scheduling details – well-known banes of the separated co-parenting set.

Click away: New interfaces added, old barriers removed in upgraded Moiety.

Calling it “our biggest, appiest upgrade yet,” the makers first and foremost incorporated what the Moiety Blog calls “the three most-requested feature enhancements.” First on that list was discontinuing the need to enter an email address when adding a crew member, making it easier to add “kids, pets or anyone else,” according to the blog.

Also part of this week’s rollout: the ability to create calendar events that repeat every two weeks – a godsend for co-parents on every-other-weekend rotations – and an option to edit previously created calendar events, in lieu of deleting a previous entry and starting anew.

The upgrade – which cover both the iOS and Android versions – also incorporates “beautiful, practical design and functional changes,” according to the company, including the removal of “several annoying barriers” and the elimination of multiple glitches, creating “a more open, richer and fuller user experience.”

All told, the company estimates that it has worked in “96 percent of all user-enhancement requests.” It’s even upgraded the app’s slogan, from “Simplify Complicated Schedules” to “Simplify Complicated Living,” which “better reflects our vision and upcoming new features.”

And there will be plenty of those, according to Moiety’s makers, who note they are “evolving Moiety every day” and promise “major changes are coming.”