No. 121: Beer, red sauce, animal crackers and, um, beer

It’s Monday out there: A great start to the week everybody and welcome new readers Lorene, John, Bud, Howard and Chris, plus Larry at his new address. It’s tax day unless you live in Massachusetts and Maine.

Also: Nabisco introduced Barnum’s Animals crackers on this day in 1902. The circus wagon packaging was added in time for Christmas that year, with an attached string so boxes could be hung from the tree. The 22-biscuit box was 5 cents, now $1.55 at Walmart. Nabisco sells 40 million+ per year.

With apologies to Manchester: An early entry in this week’s contest, in which we asked you to come up with an inspirational brand for the Island’s economic development efforts: Long Island United. (And it’s two-thirds true.)

Imagine this: Hofstra holds a daylong creativity symposium on Thursday, including a look at the marriage with entrepreneurship, featuring Exec Dean Mark Lesko and his merry band of entrepreneurs-in-residence, Kominicki moderates, full details here.

And of course: You could check out the complete Innovate calendar.

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Sterling idea: London fintech startup Revolut is raising an A round for its prepaid MasterCard that lets users send or spend 90+ currencies at the so-called interbank rate, the best exchange rate available, without fees.

Noted: Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs subsidiary plans a purpose-built digital city or district where the company can test self-driving cars and assorted home, business and city-planning technology. Decision coming soon on whether they build it from scratch or work with an existing municipality.

MoneyTree Report: U.S. venture capital firms invested $12.1 billion in 969 startup deals during the first three months of the year, flat when compared to Q4 and down 11 percent from a year ago thanks to a pull-back from hedge and mutual funds.

A full quarter of the money went to the top 10 deals, including NYC-based software maker Flatiron Health and fintech firm Betterment.

Aging to perfection: Award-winning Moustache Brewing Co. turns 2 with an April 30 party in Riverhead featuring the East End’s best food trucks, one-barrel batch specialties and the public shaving of co-founder Matt Spitz’s rally beard. Contributing editor Jim McCune foams on about it all here.

Related: Untappd, the NYC-based platform for craft beer lovers – 3 million of them so far – has launched a business-focused app that allows bars and beer halls to update users on what’s on tap, menus and etc.

Secret sauce: Hauppauge’s Botticelli Foods recognizes the irony in marketing Old World specialties to a generation that shops via smartphone. But they think they have it figured out.

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Self-improvement piece of the week: Seven tips for managing your time more wisely. (Spoiler alert: Not spending time reading articles on managing your time did not make the list.)

Never go to mass angry: He may be 79 and celibate, but Pope Francis has some good advice for young couples.

Hard to top that: The coolest suburbs of America’s 35 largest metro areas, according to Thrillist. NYC’s? Montclair, N.J. (Two movie theaters, four skating rinks and a shop that bakes fresh chocolate chip cookies every day at 2:30 p.m.)

Even better than T-shirts: New research at the University of California suggests a logo can help groups become unified, effective and coordinated, even when members of the group are none of those.

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Compiled by John Kominicki. Thanks for reading.