No 164: Nano-assembly, the Great Beer Flood and way to go Shan Lin

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It’s Oct. 17, on which the New York World’s Fair closed in 1965. But not before Disney premiered the It’s A Small World attraction, with dolls designed by Valley Stream artist Gregory Marinello and an ear worm title song by the Sherman Brothers.

It’s also the anniversary of the 1814 beer flood, in which 323,000 imperial gallons of brew cascaded through the streets of London after a vat ruptured, drowning eight. (There is no truth to the story that 29-year-old Sean Duggins left the flood twice to use the loo.)

Happy birthday Eminem. We miss you Joey Bishop.

Marquee move: Energy veteran Bob Catell has joined the board of Applied DNA Sciences.

Shlocker: Finally, a way to make sure no one ever uses your toothbrush again. Or razor. Or shampoo …

Making connections: Dynamic Supplier Alignment is teaming with BOCES and a Detroit manufacturer to bring direct coupling – and dozens of new jobs – to the Island.

Wasn’t this a 1950s sci-fi thriller? Researchers at Brookhaven National Lab have discovered how to coax nanomaterials into self-assembling into larger formations. (Not killer machines. So far.)

Congrats: SBU assistant professor Shan Lin has landed a $450,000 CAREER award from the National Science Foundation to support his work in connected health care.

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New to market: The Dacuda wireless PocketScan, about the size of a business card (thicker, of course) scans notes, photos, graphics to your phone or computer. 400 dpi output. $149.

Now on Kickstarter: The Dreampad is a mind-relaxing, sleep-inducing luxury pillow that plays music through gentle vibration that only you can hear. $92K pledged on a goal of $50K.

Love hurts: An open letter to pumpkin-flavored seasonal treats.

Audi was fourth: Tesla sold more than 9,000 Model S luxury sedans in Q3, an almost 60 percent jump over the same period last year. Makes it the world’s No. 1 luxury car seller, far ahead of Mercedes. The 7 Series Beemer, up 200+ percent, placed third.

The greening of NY: Sales of organic farm products rose 56 percent statewide from 2008 to 2014 with $164 million in sales that year, ranking New York third nationwide, according to a report released by State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli. New York’s organic sales rose another 35 percent last year.

Just another day in suburbia: A trademark attorney is terminated, the person who did the firing is murdered, and the suspect – the husband of the fired lawyer – argues that he was effectively unconscious from prescribed pain medication and therefore not responsible.

Speaking of drugs: A new formulation of ibuprofen allows patients to take significantly higher doses without any of the cardiovascular issues associated with the current over-the-counter version. Could be a near-term way to avoid taking opiates.

Le autobus: France’s Navya has raised $34 million to start building its newest driverless shuttlebus. (Does a speedy 28 mph.)

Feel their pain: A new study on empathy ranks America seventh, behind such inviting spots as Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Korea. Really want to feel loved? Head for Ecuador.

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