No. 213: Celebrating suffrage, a cool Harry Chapin flick and vote your favorite craft brewery

TG it’s Friday: Hope you’re wrapping up a great week. Today’s May 5, on which Mary Kies became the first woman awarded a patent, this in 1809, for the weaving process joining straw and silk thread to make hats.

Still time to buy a boater: May 15 is straw hat day.

Monday marks the 72nd anniversary of the end of World War II combat in Europe. Please find a moment to reflect. (It’s a national holiday in France.)

Just in: Chris Kempner, former chief of Riverhead’s Community Development Corp., has been named head of SBU’s Calverton incubator, home to lots of food startups and cool tech companies like Buncee.

Potential fame, on tap: Vote for your favorite Long Island craft brewery. Top five in the state get invited to the really, really big Taste NY Inaugural Craft Beer Challenge Tasting Event in NYC, after which, we suspect, the big time.

(Moustache and Lithology are two of our favorites. Just sayin’.)

Congrats: Hauppauge student Frank Hufnagel placed second nationally in the Robert F. Kennedy foundation’s annual video contest, with a short on Harry Chapin’s humanitarian efforts.

And most definitely: The Imagine Award winners. Congrats and thanks for all you do for Long Island.

I Heart Equality: The state unveiled a new TV commercial and brochure gearing up for the centennial anniversary of women’s suffrage. (It didn’t become federal law until 1919, so you have plenty of time to visit Susan B. Anthony’s place in Rochester.)

Related: The Women’s Collaborative celebrates the anniversary with cocktails and conversation, June 28, 5:30 to 8:30 p.m., Crest Hollow, more info coming soon.

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Pipe dream: The state has collected just $585,000 from a 7 percent excise tax on medical marijuana, well off the $4 million budgeted for the program’s first year. This year’s goal of $1 million may still be ambitious.

Not especially related: Marijuana entrepreneur Jane West, whose Colorado smoke-out events made her a national name – and got her fired from a corporate job after her boss saw her toking on TV – has a new line of stylish head equipment.

Obrigado: Chembio Diagnostics inked a deal to supply $5.8 million worth of HIV test kit components to the government of Brazil.


403 men in a room: Gov. Cuomo was on Long Island yesterday to sign legislation empowering the state’s 400 county execs to force local consolidation and lower property taxes. (Does not, sadly, include schools.)

We think that means merger: South Nassau Communities Hospital and the Mount Sinai Health System are discussing “an alignment of medical services, management and governance.”

Their words: Northwell has launched a new podcast called “Health Story” featuring the adventures of patients like Dan Lasko, a former U.S. Marine and recipient of a life-changing 3D-printed prosthetic.

Bed and bath covered, working on beyond: Applied DNA Sciences is teaming with the nation’s largest home goods retailer to guarantee the authenticity of its Wamsutta line of luxury cotton wares.

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Circular file: NASA is keeping an eye on 13,913 pieces of space junk, plus 4,434 functioning satellites, now circling Earth, according to the latest issue of Orbital Debris Quarterly.

Seed fund: Apple doesn’t plan to bring home any manufacturing jobs, but it is creating a $1 billion fund to invest in other U.S. maker firms. (And hoping that’s enough to avoid a presidential tweet storm.)

But: Any new jobs from the fund will likely go to robots.

Elon Musk on SolarCity’s new roofing tiles: “We thought about having the warranty be infinity, but then people thought, well, that might sound like we’re talking rubbish. But, actually, this is toughened glass. Well, after the house has collapsed, the glass tiles will still be there.”

Wrist watch: It saw sales plummet 41 percent in the first quarter and has laid off 6 percent of its workforce. No bother. Wall Street still loves Fitbit.

And the pitch is … a curve: The Arch Awards offer $50,000 and other bennies to startups with innovative technologies, products, and services and a scalable business model, deadline is May 22, info here. (Downside: You have to move to St. Louis.)

Similarly: is looking for software engineers. In Newark.

A $113.22 value: Amazon is giving the residents of Manchester-by-the-Sea, Mass. a free year of Prime – plus some of its wickedly good popcorn – to celebrate today’s release of the streaming version of the film by the same name.

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Compiled by John Kominicki. Thanks for reading.