No. 206: Huggable robots, a craft beer census and Katy Cole e-discovers herself

Three things for girls. (Miller Hawkins/MSNBC)

Happy Tuesday: You know the traditional Passover plagues – frogs, pestilence, boils, locusts, etc. – but are there modern ones worth adding to the Seder table, asks the NYT. Yes, readers responded, suggesting Alzheimers, opioid addiction and texting while driving.

Oh, and let’s not forget the Kardashians.

Quickly: You get a lot of nicknames when you’re born with a last name like Kominicki. Commie and Komo, obviously, but also Nick, Nickel and Nickly. In the early ’70s it was Ayatollah. A few years later, after Nadia scored her perfect 10 in Montreal, it became Komineech. The worst, in the early 1960s, was around the time of the Singing Nun’s hit song, “Dominque.”

Komi-nicki-nicki-nicki …

50 years on and it haunts me like the Kars for Kids jingle.

I mention it only after spotting the name Dominika among the list of this week’s new readers. Plus Ian, Hector, James, Laverne, and K. and Q. Smith. Welcome aboard and hope your nicknames are happy ones.

Shower, with a friend: Schlocker, the shower safe that keeps your Suave out of the reach of mooching roommates, has a freshly inked patent and a soon-to-pop deal with one of the kings of household wares. Founders Stephanie Cummings and Tal Berke plan to rinse and repeat.

Anyone seen the business card bowl? Hauppauge-based Intelligent Product Solutions has helped trade show king T3 Expo launch an RFID-powered app that assists exhibitors in finding the thousands of FedEx, UPS and other deliveries that pour in before a show.

It’s called Impress! Long Island’s Bactolac Pharmaceutical has been contracted to produce a nutritional supplement that is said to increase a man’s cognitive powers and, um, other stuff.

Pork tenderloin: The new state budget includes a $385 million appropriation to the now $1.6 billion State and Municipal Facilities Program, which critics are calling the largest slush fund in the history of state government anywhere. (Pork, you’ll remember, is money that is needlessly spent outside your region.)

Oh, but the things they want to do there! The rethinking of the Route 110 Corridor is slouching towards an actual shovel hitting actual dirt, with key town votes due this fall.

Dr. Clinton: Hillary will receive an honorary doctorate from Medgar Evers College and deliver the school’s commencement address, June 8 at the Barclays.

Core coverage down: The Big Apple has experienced a marked decline in news reporting on itself.

Growl with pride: New York now has 1.4 craft breweries per 100,000 drinking-aged inhabitants, according to the Brewers Association. The state ranks seventh in production and fourth in sales.

Congrats: Farrell Fritz partner Katy Cole has passed the grueling testing to become a Certified E-Discovery Specialist. Her blog is here.

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On a roll: Samsung is betting $150 million it can find the next big startup thing.

Three tips on building confidence: From Mika Brzezinski. (Having Dad run the National Security Council apparently doesn’t count.)

Don’t do this: A 14-year-old boy fell into an open sewer main and took a half-mile-long ride in fast-moving effluent before Saratoga County sheriff’s deputies rescued him.

Not that the Hall of Presidents isn’t inviting: Disney has filed a patent for a huggable robot.

Maybe look at the 85 cesspools that drain into it? Nassau County has gotten around to investigating the source of contamination that has closed Glen Cove’s Crescent Beach since 2009.


You won’t want to miss the EisnerAmper techapalooza.

NYIT’s school of Engineering and Computing Sciences hosts a Tedx on persistence and community, top-drawer speakers, April 21, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., NYC campus, $55 tickets here.

Getting along with the FDA, specifically on food labeling, April 19, 8 a.m., Melville Marriott, Nixon Peabody, industry experts and Kominicki, please register.

The fabulous Dave Pennetta helms the Real Estate Institute’s spring symposium, April 28, Stony Brook Garden Inn, info and tickets here.

The rest of the Innovate calendar is here.

Maybe this is what Luminati is up to: The future of commuter flight could be in small electric planes that bypass long security lines and get you there for $25.

Hooked: A SUNY professor is leading an experimental effort to stock Atlantic salmon in Onondaga Lake, near the state fairgrounds, which was once listed as among the most polluted in the state. (The lake. Not sure about the fairgrounds.)

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Compiled by John Kominicki. Thanks for reading.