Scheduling app schedules Apple debut

Crew ops: Long-awaited scheduling app Moiety, designed specifically for divorced families, is coming to iOS in October.

This time next month, there’ll be no excuse for forgetting to pick up junior after school. At least for iPhone users.

Inventor Gregory Wagner, CEO of Woodbury-based Aeonic Ventures LLC, is about to flip the switch on The Moiety App, a mobile-scheduling tool designed specifically for separated co-parents but useful for any dynamic social group. The app is wrapping up its final beta run and will launch in the Apple Store within three weeks, Wagner told Innovate LI, with an Android version right on its heels.

moiety-logo-2Upgraded for iOS 10 functionality, Moiety will launch first as its basic schedule-management self – a “minimum viable product,” Wagner noted, with the ability to create a “crew,” or social group, and schedule events.

Users will be able to create their crews manually or by downloading from iPhone contact lists, and the free app will be able to schedule an unlimited number of events – Sally’s soccer practice, Billy’s band recital, Mom’s business trip to Sheboygan – accessible by the entire group.

Add-ons will roll out “rapid-fire,” Wagner added, with new free functions tailored to separated or divorced families – expense trackers, a countdown-to-event clock, even a “reporting suite” monitoring court-order compliance – coming soon.

“Every month for the next four months, one of those aspects will come out,” the CEO said. “The hardest work was coordinating all of the messages and alerts. Everything else coming out after that really isn’t that complicated, in terms of coding.”

Sometime in November, Moiety: The Android Version should take a bow, first with a beta run of its own. While he’s confident in his basic tech, Wagner noted that creating Android and iOs apps is apple and oranges, and “we have to test to make sure the screens fit properly and all that.”

When it completes its shakedown, the Android app, like its iOS cousin, will be free to download. Aeonic Ventures plans to monetize Moiety with a little in-app advertising and a lot of “private partnerships,” according to Wagner, with outside parties – attorneys, financial-assistance firms, counseling services and others – paying their way into an exclusive Moiety referral service.

Wagner said he’s had some interest already from potential partners, “definitely in the counseling and legal-aid space.”

“Partnerships are being established already,” he noted. “And we’re working the judicial and family-law pipelines, too.”

Gregory Wagner: Nuts about Brazil.

Gregory Wagner: Nuts about Brazil.

With its iOS app fueling on the pad, Aenonic Ventures has completed a facelift on its domestic website and launched a new Portuguese-speaking site for Brazilian audiences – a key move, Wagner said, designed to capitalize on the so-far-inexplicable surge of Moiety fans concentrated in Brazil, where more than 40,000 friends have joined the Facebook chorus awaiting the long-promised app.

“We don’t know why yet, but we have a huge following in Brazil,” Wagner said. “Our campaign has always been global, but for some reason, the Brazilian market has always been really interested, so we needed to get them something just for them.”

In addition to a Portuguese-speaking website, Moiety also has created Brazilian Facebook and LinkedIn accounts and hired a Brazilian “social media ambassador” – a contract employee working in the world’s fifth-largest country, Wagner noted.

The Apple launch, the Android tinkering and the new websites all follow Moiety’s new collaboration with KiwiTech, a unique Washington-based developer/incubator/investment platform. In June, Wagner told Innovate LI that KiwiTech – which brought an undisclosed financial investment and “exclusive technology development capability” to the party – was Moiety’s “exclusive developer for the app for the foreseeable future.”

As for the new-look U.S. website, the design “looks pretty good,” if Wagner doesn’t say so himself – and that’s critical, with more than 100,000 global followers on Facebook and Twitter anticipating the big debut.

“It’s no longer this bloggy, homegrown website,” Wagner said. “It’s very solid.”

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