C you in November: SBU gets cracking on CEWIT2019

World stage: They're already gearing up for November's CEWIT2019 conference at SBU's Center of Excellence in Wireless and Information Technology.

From the Out in Front of It Department comes Stony Brook University and its 15th International Conference on Emerging Technologies for a Smarter World, known colloquially the world over as CEWIT2019.

Although the annual conference is still an entire Major League Baseball season away (World Series included), Stony Brook University’s New York State Center of Excellence in Wireless and Information Technology is obviously excited.

This week, CEWIT flipped the switch on an event registration page – actual registration opens soon – and set its 2019 conference ticket prices, including breaks for full-time students and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers members (info on regional hotels also handily included).

It’s no wonder the university and its Center of Excellence are already knee-deep in prep work. Officially set for Nov. 6 in Stony Brook, CEWIT2019 figures to be an international destination for researchers, entrepreneurs and innovators of every stripe, continuing a tradition (started way back in 2003) as a premier forum for cutting-edge demonstrations, the transfer of emerging-technology rights and the free exchange of new ideas.

Specific areas of interest highlighted in this year’s conference include machine learning, artificial intelligence, blockchain tech and computational medicine. The agenda, including specific workshops and speakers, is very much in development, and CEWIT has released no details yet.

But in a save-the-date statement Wednesday, the center suggested visitors could expect more of what they found at CEWIT2018, when 200 participants from six countries – including a celebrated delegation from South Korea – gathered inside CEWIT’s 100,000-square-foot research-and-education facility.

“We are expecting renowned speakers, presenters and panelists from industry, academia and government, in a series of plenary presentations and discussions – all for an international audience ready to network,” the Center of Excellence added.

CEWIT2018 also spotlighted 30 U.S. and international exhibitors – representing a diverse cross-section of industries, including telecommunications, healthcare, media and law – while 60 different presenters took the podium during 10 breakout sessions.

More info on CEWIT2019 expected soon.