No. 38: Cleveland clinic, Buffalo jobs and tiny hamsters eating tiny burritos

DOWLING COLLAGE: North Shore-LIJ CEO Michael Dowling addressed executives at an LIA breakfast on Thursday, offering up, as per usual, a sprightly, no-notes summary of the state of health care and his company’s place in the Long Island economy. A few nuggets:

The health system remains the Island’s largest employer and continues to grow. “I see a big news story about some company hiring 50 people and I think, ‘I added 150 on Monday.'”

That is, in fact, the weekly average. The system hires 7,000 a year.

The workforce is increasingly diverse and with growing numbers of foreign-born workers. “I have to carry a little map to figure out where some of those countries are.” And: “Diversity is not a choice, it’s the world. How we react to it is the choice.”

A robust economy requires a little government support, after which the private sector needs to be allowed to take over. “There’s a trend nowadays where the government wants to do everything, and that’s dangerous for innovation and entrepreneurship. We need a balance of the two.”

On health care’s pay-for-service model: “The reason there are so many people in hospitals is because we’re given incentives to treat people only when they’re sick. If you pay me for one thing, don’t expect me to do the opposite. We’re changing, slowly, to a system where we’ll be paid to keep people well. That’s where we want to be.”

Related news: North Shore’s partnership with Cleveland Clinic is beginning to bear fruit on the commercialization front, with two startups already spun out and as many as 10 more on deck. Innovate LI

A FINE IDEA: The Business Council of New York is calling on Albany to use Wall Street fines to pay off the 18-A energy tax, which it called an “onerous and unnecessary burden on businesses, governments, schools,” etc. The tax is expected to generate $300 million in revenue by the time it expires in March 2017. The state has already taken in $1.5 billion in settlements this year, after spending last year’s $5+ billion.

OPENING WIDE: Med supply giant Henry Schein is creating a digital center at Temple University’s dental school that’s loaded with cool HS technology. Idea: They could replicate it here.


Howard Zemsky, Empire State Development honcho and Woodbury native, dropped in on a state-sponsored speed networking event in Huntington this week. The big disclose: You can’t get real pizza in Buffalo. Innovate

Intelligent Product Solutions of Hauppauge launched an Internet of Things practice to bring its expertise in electrical and mechanical design to the digital space. Innovate

Broadridge Financial agreed to acquire a financial unit of megalithic information provider Thomson Reuters, purchase price not disclosed, jobs from one switching to the other. JT  Madore of Newsday with details.

Rajib Sanyal will take over Adelphi University’s business school in July. Innovate

Also: Adelphi is investing $13.5 million in cutting-edge heating and co-gen systems. Because everyone should change out their boilers every 60 years or so. Innovate

NYC’s housing shortage, already severe and expected to worsen over the next 15 years, offers Long Island a chance to retool suburbia. We should take it. Innovate viewpoint

The Island’s workforce grew by a meager year-over-year 0.7 percent in April, well below the state’s 1.7 percent and the nation’s 2.6 percent. Newsday’s Carrie Mason-Draffen with more.

Conversely: In Buffalo, where our $1 billion is apparently hard at work, hiring is on pace to double 2014. Buffalo News

Overall: The state lost 18,300 jobs in April. But we’re up compared to this time last year. NYBJ

Stony Brook’s Calverton incubator teamed up with the Workforce Development Institute on a program to help local food startups move their products from farmer’s market to supermarket. Innovate

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FAST FOOD: Amazon is offering one-hour delivery service to Prime members in Manhattan. Included: D’Agostino, Gourmet Garage and Billy’s Bakery, with Italian food marketplace Eataly launching shortly.

BY DEFINITION, A TINY DEAL: Evident, a Troy nanotechnology company, has acquired a Massachusetts energy start-up. Albany Business Review

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TIDYING UP: NYC’s Handy, an on-demand cleaning, plumbing and home services platform, is in talks to acquire Homejoy, a left coast competitor, signaling the start of what may be an inevitable consolidation effort. Although Uber is, so far, not making any moves on Lyft. Tech Crunch

HOT EVENT: Professional employer org TriNet holds its half-day NYC Inspire event May 28, featuring Shark Tank’s Daymond John and WeWork CEO Adam Neumann. Lunch, sessions then cocktails. For more info:


RUSS HOUR: Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev was photographed wearing an Apple Watch. Good to see those economic sanctions are having such an impact. BI

At current exchange rates, the gold Apple Watch costs 500,000 rubles.

Also: 10 NYC startups that are taking wearable tech way beyond your wrist. CNY

NO, NOT YOUR BROTHER-IN-LAW: It drinks 25 times its own weight and pro-creates with abandon. We’re talking about peat moss, which may bog down planet warming. Science Daily

SEATS UPRIGHT, PLEASE: Delta Airlines is spicing up its flight safety videos with 23 of the Internet’s most-enduring memes, including Keyboard Cat, Double Rainbow Guy and Tiny Hamsters Eating Burritos. Business Insider

AND WHY DO SOME OF US HAVE THREE? Why do only humans have chins? Well, only humans and elephants? Losing face is the latest hypothesis from Smithsonian Magazine

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