No. 167: Susie goes live, pharma dips and a night with the Bergmans

Birthday girl.

TG it’s F: A great end o’ the week, everybody. It’s Oct. 28, on which Columbus stumbled upon Cuba, Harvard launched in Cambridge and R.H. Macy opened on 6th Avenue. First day receipts: $11.06. (At Macy’s. Harvard probably did better.)

Happy birthday Bill Gates and Julia Roberts. Oh, and Airlene Evans, the first baby born on an airplane. (Miami, 1929. It was a little Fokker. The plane.)

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Spin cycle: NYSERDA has been selected to compete for the fed’s wind energy lease off the southern coast of Long Island.

Bravo: Buffalo’s Roswell Park Cancer Institute will begin clinical trials next month of a Cuban lung cancer drug via a partnership that grew out of New York’s landmark trade mission to Cuba last year.

Your vote does count: Stony Brook professor Helmut Norpoth is still touting his election algorithm, which has correctly predicted every winner of the presidential race since 1912, with the exception of 1960, which Kennedy won by 0.17 percent of the popular vote. By Norpoth’s math, Trump triumphs.

Speaking of SBU: A new video series called 5 Questions With kicks off with Billy Joel, Eric Holder and Richard Leakey, among others.

Also: Joe Campolo interviews Henry Schein chief Stanley Bergman and son Eddie, president of property- and hospitality-focused consulting firm IDS (which also happens to own a couple of good eateries), Nov. 3, 7:30 p.m. Student Activities Center, free but get thee to the registration site.

Just up: SBU StartUp NY resident Zuznow is launching Susie, an intelligent assistant plugin that brings voice control and chatbots to any enterprise mobile app. (Looks a lot like Rosalie Drago.)

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Golden Electrode winner: The Feinstein Institute has been named the nation’s top NFP by Neurotech Reports in recognition of the medical researcher’s contributions to the emerging field of bioelectronic medicine.

Focusing on mixed use: RXR’s Seth Pinsky headlines the Real Estate Institute’s fall luncheon soiree, Nov. 4, 11:45 a.m., Woodbury Country Club, $70, tickets and very affordable sponsorships available here.

Bug Spray B Gone: The DEC collected more than 105,000 pounds of pesticides and other potentially hazardous chemicals during two recent CleanSweepNY events on Long Island, the guv’s office announced.

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And the winner is: After a year of legal haggling, DraftKings and FanDuel have each agreed to pay $6 million to the state of New York to settle allegations of false and deceptive advertising. (And now let’s get back to the betting.)

NYC CTO: Miguel Gamiño Jr. has been named New York City’s chief technology officer, a job he previously held in San Francisco.

Thinking smaller: JetBlue is getting into the charter biz.

Nice to have had you: Verizon has acquired a video startup launched by former Hulu CEO Jason Kilar and will kill it off. No wait – “sunset” it.

Toast: Groupon has acquired former, and once fierce but not lately, rival LivingSocial.

Didn’t bear fruit: Twitter is untangling itself from its short-form video service, Vine.

Flight of fancy: Uber’s Elevate project would use vertical-takeoff taxis to speed you over ground traffic by 2026.

Be there: LaunchPad Huntington hosts Charting the Course, a look at business development and the hurdles to its success, all-star panel, Nov.  2, 8:30 to 11:30 a.m., free but RSVP.

Stuff we’re going to: More of the Innovate calendar is here.

Drug bust: After a banner 2015, the pharma sector has cooled considerably on acquisitions, according to a new PWC report.

Conversely: Agtech, despite crazy-low commodity prices, is soaring.

Shore thing: The next U.S. offshore wind farm will likely be … in Lake Erie.

Beyond static: Fabrics of the future will store the energy you produce and use it to power wearable devices including personal AC.

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Meat video of the week: Anthony Bourdain on why you really shouldn’t bother with tenderloin.

Clawing its way higher: Americans ate an average 1 pound more seafood last year than the year before.

Drink up: “Mad Men” creator Matthew Weiner has scored $70 million for an eight-episode series for Amazon’s Prime.

No, it isn’t in a phone: The oldest known Nikon goes on the auction block next month.

The Bard & Associates: New computer analysis proves Shakespeare used collaborators, and some experts will begin crediting Christopher Marlowe as a cowriter of the three Henry VI plays.

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Compiled by John Kominicki. Thanks for reading.