Robocall terminator sets sights on data thieves

Who's calling: Telemarkets, robodialers and now data thieves won't be back, according to Nomorobo.

Bad news for data thieves: The Terminator is coming for you.

Robocall-ridding, autodialer-assassinating, telemarketer-terminating Nomorobo is extending its shields beyond voice calls and spam texts. The popular call-blocker has released Version 2.5, a souped-up app that includes data-tracking protection and other defenses against nefarious forces deceptively using web advertising to track consumer behavior.

Featuring an online ad blocker that “virtually eliminates all types of ads and privacy-invading trackers,” according to Port Jefferson-based parent company Telephone Science Corp., Version 2.5 – released Thursday for iOS devices (free for two weeks, monthly subscription follows) – offers the same extreme prejudice against incoming robocalls.

But its new bells and whistles also leave users “better protected from potential scammers, data thieves and virus infections that prey on unsuspecting Americans,” the company said.

The update was “driven a lot by the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica situation,” Nomorobo developer Aaron Foss told Innovate LI, and by companies that have “wildly overstepped the bounds of acceptable use of consumers’ online behavior.”

“Using shady loopholes, they’re practically tracking our every move and digging into some of our most private actions,” Foss said. “Our privacy is more at risk than ever before.”

Aaron Foss: Stop, thief.

Citing “privacy invasion that goes beyond pesky robocallers,” the innovator said Version 2.5 was designed specifically to block web advertisements that are at best intrusive and at worst may be packing a destructive virus or other sinister malware.

Bonus: With programs designed to document and collate consumer behaviors and other unwanted intrusions blocked, devices will burn fewer electronic resources – increasing download speeds, reducing data usage and extending battery life, according to Nomorobo.

The enhancements beef up a lauded call-blocking app that soared past 1 million users last spring and is already credited with terminating more than 600 million robocalls. Foss plans to share the latest version of his award-winning creation later this month at the Federal Communication Commission’s Stop Illegal Robocalls Expo, a joint consumer-protection program held in conjunction with the Federal Trade Commission, scheduled for April 23 in Washington.

“At Nomorobo, our goal is to protect our users from all types of scams and invasions of privacy,” Foss said Thursday. “Consumers need better protection and installing the newly updated Nomorobo app on your phone is a powerful first step.”


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