Nassau IDA CEO Harry Coghlan

No. 519: Baseball returns, Cape Canaveral launches and aquafarmers take a closer look – plus, a real Moon bounce

  Here’s the pitch: It’s Friday, dear readers, and you’ve completed yet another sultry summertime workweek – with a special bonus to boot. For the first time this entire pandemic, you can spend your weekend watching balls and strikes and dingers and diving stops, as greedy, aggravating and eternally glorious Major League Baseball makes its long-awaited return. Of course, the Mets’ rotation is already a shambles, so it appears the universe remains in working order….

No. 419: Kittens, coladas, Tesla and DNA-infused inks – plus, dialing back the Nassau IDA

  Welcome back: Here we are, dear readers, back on the beat as Summer 2019 heats up and we hustle through another busy week of socioeconomic innovation on Long Island and around the world. It’s July 10 out there – both National Kitten Day and National Piña Colada Day, an undeniably sweet combination. Ssshhh: To our readers who are also devout followers of 20th century Indian avatar Meher Baba – who famously kept his mouth…