Nature Scientific Reports

Study: Medical clues aplenty in Facebook posts

By GREGORY ZELLER // Social media is an undeniable mixed bag – global connector, presidential bully pulpit, unprecedented panic-spreading platform – but its potential as a real-time healthcare tool has hardly been tapped. So says a new study published in Scientific Reports, an online open-access scientific “mega journal” published by Nature Research. The study, co-led by Stony Brook University researcher H. Andrew Schwartz, reveals the language people use in their Facebook posts subtly changes before…

Startup eyes quantum leap in ‘unhackable’ networking

By GREGORY ZELLER // Quantum-memory applications that can prevent hackers from accessing digital-communications networks? At room temperature? Pshaw, you say! Actually, you probably don’t say “pshaw” or make any other dismissive comment, because unless you’re a quantum-information expert with a PhD in nanotechnology – or you’re otherwise familiar with quantum-repeater nodes, single-photon wave packets and other niceties of quantum IT – this likely sounds like so much recycled “Star Trek” gobbledygook. But it’s hardly that….