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No. 519: Baseball returns, Cape Canaveral launches and aquafarmers take a closer look – plus, a real Moon bounce

  Here’s the pitch: It’s Friday, dear readers, and you’ve completed yet another sultry summertime workweek – with a special bonus to boot. For the first time this entire pandemic, you can spend your weekend watching balls and strikes and dingers and diving stops, as greedy, aggravating and eternally glorious Major League Baseball makes its long-awaited return. Of course, the Mets’ rotation is already a shambles, so it appears the universe remains in working order….

Patriot Day package: $40M for NY counterterrorism

Statewide counterterrorism programs, including several based on Long Island, are being bolstered by nearly $40 million in federal funds. Governor Andrew Cuomo on Monday announced a series of federal funds earmarked for critical efforts already underway between local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, designed specifically to secure transit systems and ports. The governor announced the Federal Emergency Management Agency funds on Patriot Day, marking the 16th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks –…

Nothing to fear, unless you’re a radiological terrorist

By GREGORY ZELLER // Pay no attention to that imposing fleet of Homeland Security, U.S. Coast Guard and New York State Naval Militia vessels massing off the East End. Governor Andrew Cuomo wants you to know that the sudden buildup of maritime forces – and the presence of some 100 personnel from 23 local, state and federal agencies, many specializing in radiological detection – is proactive, not reactive. Cuomo’s office on Wednesday announced the start…