No. 128: Spider cloth, the top tech city and Abcombi goes Canuck

It's not the shakes driving Shake Shack's 40 percent sales climb.

TG it’s F: A happy May 13, on which Sikorsky flew the first four-engine plane, Mickey hit No. 500 and Churchill offered his blood, toil, tears and sweat.

BS&T dropped the toil to open for Moby Grape at NYC’s Cafe Au Go Go in 1967.

Colbert is 52.

Sum rise: NY Green Bank, the state’s clean-gen funding arm, has closed four deals that it says will leverage $220 million. None here, but there were nice words included about LI’s Level Solar.

Making rounds: Northwell Health beefed up the leadership team in its Eastern Region. Kevin Beiner has been named senior veep and Jay Enden is now medical director.

Also: Lenny Nartowicz takes over South Oaks Hospital and the Broadlawn Manor nursing and rehab operation, where the legendary Pat Porter is retiring.

Making it official: Fred Silverman, an outside financial adviser to Spectronics Corp. for 37 years, has been named CFO. “He really is an extended member of our family business,” Spectronics CEO Jon Cooper noted. Silverman, a Hofstra MBA, has focused his career on IT and software policies.

He told us he was going to Florida: W. Hubert Keen, the retiring president of Farmingdale State College, has been appointed prez of Nassau County Community College.

Cone heads: Everything you could possibly want to know about hops from Hopsteiner’s new site, designed by Long Island’s own EGC.

From the gut: TheraSource, a multi-patented Feinstein Institute biotech spinoff, has landed a $3 million SBIR grant to study the use of a stomach hormone called ghrelin in treating victims of radiation exposure.

Fully baked: Ms. Michelle’s, the hit gluten-free cookie startup operating out of Stony Brook’s Calverton Incubator, has inked a distribution deal with Walmart.

Match making: The soon-to-launch LiveWith app can find you a cool apartment and the roommate you need to be able to afford it.


Connect the Dots launches a $1M crowdfunding effort.

Applied DNA Sciences inks a $2.5M fed contract.

Spectronics inches towards $50M.

Mark Lesko talks $6M seed fund.

LI children’s health services get tech bucks.

Six school districts land technology grants.

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Really big shooow: Incubator Showcase featuring SBU’s 40+ startups, Center of Excellence in Wireless and Information Technology, June 2, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., info here.

Plus: Check out the full Innovate calendar.


Bragging rights: Boston is America’s top city for startups, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation says. Silicon Valley still leads the pack in total startup activity, but Beantown has “clear emphasis on next generation tech companies specializing in education, energy and healthcare industries,” as well as high quality of life ratings. NYC was No. 10.

What’s hers: Wall Street veteran Sallie Krawcheck has launched Ellevest, a robo-assisted digital investment platform for women that seeks to take the testosterone out of picking winners. (Oops. Hold the sports analogies, please.)

Also: Leda Braga of Systematica Investments, known as the “queen of quants,” became the first woman to rank in the top 50 highest-earning hedge fund managers, an annual list compiled by Institutional Investor’s Alpha magazine.

Less sucessful: A seven-bedroom Dakota apartment belonging to hedgie Alphonse Fletcher hit the market this week in a court-ordered effort to recoup money for investors who said they were defrauded by Fletcher’s Asset Management. It’s $12.5 million if you’re in the market.

Not especially related: Fatherly has released its annual list of best places for dads to work. Thirty percent are in tech.

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Attention Sotheby’s: NYC auction platforms Paddle8 and Auctionata have merged. (Peddlelotta? Auction8?)

Sudden opening: Microsoft’s top IP attorney is leaving to spend time at Seattle law firm Perkins Coie and the UoW law school.

Chopped? Former NYT food writer Mark Bittman, who left the Gray Lady for meal-kit startup Purple Carrot, has departed after six months because he’s “ready for something new.”

Nice threads: Biotech startup Bolt Threads raised $50 million in funding to create high-performance fabrics inspired by spider silk.

Busy-work until Mars: NASA announced the discovery of another 1,200 planets this week, including nine more “Goldilocks” – not too hot like Mercury or too cold like Pluto – that could be habitable. One, Kepler452b, is the closest twin to Earth yet discovered.

Except that: It has twice the gravity and is so hot its oceans are evaporating.

Across the lake: Abcombi Biosciences, a University of Buffalo spinout, has been accepted into the new Johnson & Johnson-backed JLABS Toronto. Not sure how that will affect its Start-Up NY status at UoB.


Hoover Dam scene is very cool: Photo retoucher Jordan Lloyd colorizes construction shots of some of the world’s most famous landmarks. Coffee table book coming.

Fowling it up: Everyone talks about Shake Shack’s shakes, but it’s the chicken sandwich that’s driving sales. Revenue up almost 44 percent in Q1, the chain reported this week.

This is deflating: Tom Brady’s $200 cookbook – no wait, “nutrition manual” – has sold out. Check back here in June.

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Compiled by John Kominicki. Thanks for reading.