No. 145: Smart pillows, dog wearables and GSK goes Apple

It’s Monday out there: A great start to the week, everybody and welcome new readers Cindy, Jan, Lauren, Rick and Paul. It’s July 18, on which Intel launched, Kim Jong-un took over and the world got scented Crayolas. Today’s the deadline for your bid to buy Yahoo. Try $6 billion.

Happy birthday Richard Branson, John Glenn and Hunter S. Thompson.

Top of the site: Marc Alessi took stock of his life and realized he had room for another job – beyond the biotech startup, the law practice group and the Tesla science center he already heads. This one’s as executive director of the Business Incubator Association. “I don’t have too many discussions at the water cooler,” he admits.

Also: Meet Laura Russo, former Huntington hair dresser turned international fashion queen.

ICYMI: The skinny on Stony Brook’s foray into supported manufacturing.

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Don’t hear this very often: A review of the state retirement system said it was in good shape but suffered from limited staffing.


LIFT chairman says it was time for a change at the top

A few important words on bioelectronics pioneer Kevin Tracey

SBU nanotech in deal with Rochester clean-gen firm

Albany likes us. It really likes us

Top foreign reader group of the week: Russians

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Sorry Android users: GlaxoSmithKline is using Apple’s ResearchKit iPhone app for a rheumatoid arthritis clinical trial.

Especially an Old Fashioned: Drinking alcohol after the age of 50 affects … um, wait, er, oh yes … short-term memory.

No surprise here: Microsoft said it will fall short of its goal of 1 billion Windows 10 users by 2018. (So, can I get an uninstall now?)

You really need a tracker for that? Tracy, a wearable for your dog that monitors health, hunger and when it needs to pee, has more than doubled its goal on Indiegogo.

Even better: ZEEQ, a smart pillow that plays music, cures snoring and “intelligently” wakes you up, tripled up on its Kickstarter goal.

Art hurts: Van Gogh is widely believed to have cut off a small part of his earlobe (which he washed and presented to a prostitute friend). But a recently surfaced drawing from his doctor suggests a small part of the painter’s earlobe was all that remained. On his head.

Or not: 10 quick tips to make you a Pokéman Go master. (No. 11: Don’t wander into traffic.)

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Compiled by John Kominicki. Thanks for reading.